3 Reasons To Choose Union- & American-Made Promotional Items

  • Sep 2, 2020

Get products quickly, skip out on paying tariffs and support American jobs, all by choosing promo gifts that are made by unions and in the U.S. of A!


Businesses and organizations choose to market themselves with promotional products for a variety of reasons, including the following three:


-These useful and thoughtful items will be utilized by people over and over again, spreading a message over and over again.


-A gift is a much more memorable and appealing form of advertising than, say, one on the radio, online or in a magazine.


-From tech gadgets and clothes to office supplies and drinkware, branded promo products can also be used to incentivize employees, thank clients, reward fans and welcome attendees to industry events.


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Promotional products that are made in America, as well as made by unions, can make brands even more interesting to people. Offering up items that support the country and the economy can increase a brand’s chances of gaining more awareness and exposure. Potential customers and followers like to see a business/association building up those around them and like to do the same. 


Three more reasons to choose union- and U.S.A.-made gifts include:

-Getting products faster: Since these items do not have to ship overseas, a brand will be able to receive promo items more quickly. This is especially great in ever-changing business landscapes, when it comes to last-minute trade shows and during a pandemic, as brands’ needs may have changed over the past few months. 


-Not having to worry about tariffs: Furthermore, when it comes to shipping, buying domestically means getting to skip out on paying tariffs. This is always a plus!


-Supporting the U.S. workforce: Obviously, one of the main reasons to opt for products made in America is because it supports the economy; hard-working Americans make a living, and the companies and organizations around them are able to increase productivity and efficiency, too, with the use of high-quality promo items. 


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