How Are You Promoting Your Made in America Advantages?

Jun 09, 2014

Made in America: Are You Explaining the Benefits to Your Clients and Prospects Austin, Texas: Many of us that sell Made in America products assume that everyone will appreciate it and understand its ...

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Product Safety & Social Compliance Statement

Jan 31, 2014

Product Safety & Social Compliance Statement is committed to America jobs at a fair wage and safe and healthy work environment. We strive to conduct all of our business...

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Are You Consistently Buying USA-Made Products for Yourself?

Nov 13, 2013

Yes–Buy USA Means You too! I was at a trade show a few weeks back and stopped at various booths from American manufacturers and one branch of the military– and they noticed they were all ...

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Are You Interviewing Veterans for Job Positions.. or Just Paying Lip Service to Your Support?

Nov 11, 2013

What are you doing to hire more US veterans? Talk is cheap. And it is easy to say that you Support Our Troops (blah blah blah). But do you really support the troops with more than words? A ne...

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How Are You Selling Your Buy American Benefits to Your Customers?

Oct 15, 2013

Are You Selling the Benefits and Appeal of Buy American to Your Customers…and to Their Customers? Austin, Texas:  We all want our clients to Buy American from our factories and plants and...

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Are You Exclusively Looking to Buy American-Made Products?

Sep 17, 2013

How Consistent Are You in Buying American-Made Products? Austin, Texas: I had dinner the other night with an executive of a large American factory — and he picked me up in his black 2012Mercede...

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American Apparel CEO Rips the Retail Industry for Not Supporting American Jobs

May 07, 2013

Do You Support American Jobs? Kudos to American Apparel CEO Dov Charney for taking on the American retail  industry’s ‘Blind Pursuit’ of Low Wages in the aftermath of the horri...

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Made in the USA: Water Bottles Can Beat Import Prices

Feb 28, 2013

Austin, Texas: We get calls on a daily basis asking us about water bottles–and most people think that it is cheaper to go overseas. However, on plastic bottles, they are usually mistaken–...

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Help Your Employees & Customers Protect Their SmartPhone and Tablet Data

Jan 22, 2013

Are you protecting your smart phone and tablet data? Imprinted Smartphone Recovery Tags According to a recent study by, 70% of people have lost a data storage device, which means that data ...

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New 24 Oz. Glass Water Bottle: Made in the USA

Jan 07, 2013

Imprinted promotional glass water bottles-Made in the USA-from New American Made Imprinted Glass Water Bottles   Austin, Texas: This new glass water bottle is made in the USA a...

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Increasing Support for Union Jobs Might Take a PR Effort

Jan 07, 2013

Increase Union Jobs Through Awareness, Not Legislation Battles Austin, Texas: There has been a great deal of press over the past few months about Union jobs and the increase in right to work legisl...

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Is Right-to-Work Legislation Good for American Jobs?

Dec 11, 2012

American Jobs: Perhaps Shifting States to Right-to-Work Can Jump Start Our Economy Austin, Texas The Michigan Legislature passed a Bill today that makes Michigan a right-to-work state According to a...

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Are You Explaining the Benefits of Buying American Made Products To Your Customers?

Dec 05, 2012

Are you explaining to your customers the benefits of Buying American Made products? Don’t Assume Your Customers Understand the Benefits of Buying American Made Products. It’s Up To You to...

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How Many More Factory Fires and Deaths Will It Take Before People Insist on Buying American Made Products?

Nov 29, 2012

Buy American Made Products This Holiday Season Buying American Made Products Saves Lives..To Say Nothing of American Jobs Austin, Texas: Factory workers are dying around the world at an alarming rat...

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Fight West Nile Virus With Imprinted Bug Bands

Aug 24, 2012

Imprinted US-Made, DEET-Free Bug Bands to Help Fight West Nile Virus Help Your Employees Fight Against West Nile Virus With These Bug Bands With Your Logo The West Nile Virus is fast spreading &ndas...

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Does US Olympic Fever Translate to a Buy American Spirit?

Aug 03, 2012

Will Retailers See an Increase in the Buy American Movement? Austin, TX:  Ratings for the 2012 Summer Olympics are at a record high and American athletes are capturing our attention once again, ...

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What Does Made in the USA Mean to You?

Aug 01, 2012

“American Made” Should Mean American Pride “Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else.” Austin, TX: During the election campaign season there is ...

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Wear American Act to Mandate the Federal Government to Buy 100% American-made Apparel

Jul 24, 2012

Austin, Texas  It must be election season because the pandering has begun to hit full stride. Today, US  Senator Sherrod Brown announced a new effort to “boost domestic apparel and te...

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Are You Willing To Pay More for American-Made Products?

Jul 19, 2012

How much more are you willing to pay for American made merchandise? Austin, Texas: There is a great deal of talk in the press during the election campaign season about bringing jobs back to the Unite...

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Should Politicians Be Forced to Buy American Made Promotional Products - Or Is It Their Right to Choose?

Jul 18, 2012

Should candidates buy only American made promotional items and swag? Austin, Texas: Should politicians be forced to buy promotional products that are only made in the USA? Isn’t it their right...

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Is the Buy US Movement reaching a Tipping Point After The US Olympic Team Uniform Fiasco?

Jul 13, 2012

American Proud? US Olympic Uniforms Not American Made. Hypocritical or Good Business Decision? Austin, Texas: There has been a lot of press recently on the fact that the US Olympic team’s unifo...

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Buying American Made Products Just Because It's the Right Thing to Do

Jul 02, 2012

People should buy American made products because it is the right thing to do from a moral standpoint, not because it is mandated by law. Austin, Texas: Whenever the discussion comes to buying US-made...

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Political Campaigns Should Only Use Made in the USA Signs and Bumper Stickers

Jun 01, 2012

Austin, Texas: It is only June and we are in the middle of election fever and political campaigning. We have already done so many orders for candidates on all sides of the political spectrum – ...

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Spotlight on American Factories: Plastic Imprinted Sports Bottles

May 01, 2012 Austin, Texas  We often get asked how to our American factories make things, and this video below shows how one of our manufacturers makes blow-molded plastic water bottles. Bei...

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American Made Imprinted Promotional Ice Cream Scoopers

Apr 22, 2012 has just introduced their American made ice cream scoopers in a variety of colors– perfect for your next promotion. Deep-dip design with a safe, non-slip, textured handle. Mold...

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Budget American Made Click Pens for Any Promotion

Apr 18, 2012 has just introduced this United Printed, Made in USA Ballpoint Click Pen with White Barrel and colored trim. Ideal for any promotion, these exclusive pens are available in a single or...

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American Made 17 oz Color Changing Cup

Mar 24, 2012

This is a perfect imprinted promotional item that is made in the USA. Try our frosted color changing cup in red, blue, or green. When cold liquid is added, the frosted cup changes color. Our color c...

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Custom Printed 5 Oz. Hot Pepper Sauces (Habanero)

Mar 19, 2012 -The home of custom printed hot sauce & salsas. Here’s a great way to promote your brand at a trade show or corporate event–custom printed hot sauces from BuyUSPromos....

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Made in USA Imprinted Pens

Feb 22, 2012

Economy imprinted grip write pens are available in 23 different colors. 1 or 2 color imprints with tips, tops and grip. Great for your next promotion or marketing event. Made in America. Availa...

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Insourcing: The Key To American Job Growth

Jan 12, 2012

Forget about “outsourcing”.   The new buzzword for the year 2012 will be “insourcing”. According to an ABC News report, Obama is pushing the trend they call the &ldq...

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Occupy Christmas: Buy American

Dec 21, 2011

New Organization Tries To Encourage Consumers to Buy US-Made Gifts CNN did a recent report on an organization called Occupy Christmas, with its stated goal to encourage more people to buy American-...

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New Eco-Friendly Canvas Tote Bag: Made in The USA

Dec 19, 2011

Austin, Texas: has just introduced its newest eco-friendly tote bag–made of 10 ounce cotton canvas. This durable tote has a stylish design and a solid one inch wide handle&helli...

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Bank Loans to Small Business Fall to 12 Year Low

Dec 19, 2011

How Can We Create More American Jobs If We Cannot Get Small Business Loans? A new article on states that new federal data show that the number of small bank loans to business has fallen to ...

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US Made Promotional Product: Imprinted Eco Journal Book

Dec 17, 2011

Austin, Texas: has just introduced their newest eco-friendly journal book, which can feature your custom imprint and logo. When time is of the essence, we even offer five-day sh...

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New Budget Pens: Made in America

Dec 13, 2011

Exclusive promotional pen--available from has just released it new budget imprinted pen line, known as Econorama,. These click-action pens come in a dozen differ...

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Why Aren't All Presidential Candidates Focused Only on the US Economy?

Dec 12, 2011

I have watched the last few Presidential debates, and it seems like a bunch of issues pop up–most of which have very little to do with the US economy and job creation. Issues about who is the m...

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Create Jobs for USA: A Step in the Right Direction

Dec 08, 2011

Austin, Texas: Starbucks has created a program to help finance small businesses– with the hopes of creating more jobs here in America. The program has a simple name: Create Jobs for USA The pr...

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Are You Buying American Products This Christmas Holiday Season?

Dec 07, 2011

Austin, Texas: Are you buying Made in the USA this Holiday season? According to ABC News, American families plan to spend about $700 per year on Christmas/Hanukkah gifts this year.  And if only ...

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Buying American: Should It Be Mandated by Law?

Dec 05, 2011

Austin, Texas: I was on a discussion board in one of the industries we serve and it centered on whether or not Congress should make a law enforcing government institutions to Buy American or not. The...

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Custom Imprinted Recycled Mug: Made in the USA

Nov 30, 2011

Austin, Texas: has just introduced their latest 100% recycled mug, which is the ideal promotional product, as it will feature your custom imprint. Made from 100% recycled, natural pos...

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Do Unemployed Americans Need To Go Back to School to Learn New Skill Sets?

Nov 29, 2011

Austin, Texas: A recent article in the Wall Street Journal shows that many American companies are willing to hire, but the lack of qualified job skills is lacking. The article states that though comp...

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Welcome to Buy US Blog

Nov 23, 2011

Welcome to our new blog, BuyUSBlog, which is dedicated to the American spirit. We are tired of seeing American jobs sent overseas and US factory production shuttered while unemployment in this countr...

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