Why NOW Is The Time To Support U.S. Jobs, Workers, Economy

  • Oct 27, 2020

Boost your brand and support the economy, even amidst COVID-19, with custom gifts that are made in America. 


The coronavirus has brought about many negative effects, including when it comes to American jobs, workers and economies. 


According to the The Bureau of Labor Statistics in June, 11.4 million of 18.1 million unemployed people were unable to work because of closures and lost business that came about due to the pandemic. 


So while buying made-in-the-USA products is always a good idea, it is currently vital.


The promotional gifts below allow for a win-win situation: On one hand, they give back to professionals and brands around us. They also provide a creative way for companies and organizations to advertise themselves, which is definitely needed right now.


One go-to custom-printed item is T-shirts. These are seen with a variety of designs on them, and you can add your own logos and colors and then offer them up to employees, customers and fans.

Something else that appeals to one and all would be drinkware such as water bottles and travel thermoses. These can be used at home, in the office or on the go, acting like a walking billboard for you.

Branded tote bags are also thoughtful for employee incentives, client appreciation gifts, social media giveaways and including with purchases. 


No matter what American-made promo products you go with, know that you are spreading awareness about your product(s)/service(s) and building up jobs and workers in the U.S.

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