Why Aren't All Presidential Candidates Focused Only on the US Economy?

  • Dec 12, 2011

why does the US economy barely get mentioned in debates?I have watched the last few Presidential debates, and it seems like a bunch of issues pop up–most of which have very little to do with the US economy and job creation.

Issues about who is the most conservative, prayer in school, he said-she said gotcha politics, etc.–none of this is doing anything to reinvigorate our economy or build a more positive outlook for businesses of all sizes.

What we need from both sides of the aisle are plans to get Americans working again.

We need a clear cut plan from every candidate on what steps they will take to improve our economy.

Let’s go back to the Ross Perot-era flip charts and pie graphs to explain in black and white, what each candidate plans to do to create more jobs.

Let’s keep the discussions real and honest, without the use of the words “bipartisanship”, “roadblock”, “socialist” , “Obamacare” and other words that are bandied around as filler.

Surely there are solid plans out there.

Let’s speak honestly about what sacrifices the American people may have to make in return for greater job security.

Let’s discuss whether a tax hike on millionaires is really “job killing” or not.

Let’s speak intelligently and honestly.

Americans need straight talk.  We are running out of time.

Support American jobs. The job you save may be your own.

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