Support The Made-In-America Comeback

  • Apr 22, 2022

America is setting its sights on economic independence, and brands can get involved by choosing products that are made in the United States.


With Russia’s attack on Ukraine affecting globalization and the COVID-19 pandemic causing supply chain issues, the United States is shifting its focus to economic independence.


Fitch Ratings’ chief economist, Brian Coulton, spoke with Insider about this goal of increasing domestic production. "The phrases you keep hearing are, 'We need to ensure energy security, we need to ensure food security, we need to ensure technology security,'" he said. "When they say 'security,' they mean 'we need to make this stuff at home.'"


One of the draws of globalization is the more affordable labor, when compared to the costs in the U.S. Still, the pros of a made-in-America comeback outweigh any cons … pros like:

  • More jobs for Americans
  • A lower cost on shipping (which also means a faster delivery time and a more environmentally friendly option) 
  • Higher quality and safety standards

These are the same benefits found at, which offers businesses and organizations the best custom-printed items for their price points. There are over 500,000 branded products from which to choose, and they are all made right here in the USA.


Be part of this shift, and shop American-made apparel, awards, and more today!


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