Market Yourself With Made-In-The-USA Totes

  • May 5, 2020

Ah, the tote bag… It is a wonderful thing. 


It can be carried by men, women, young, old and beyond to the office, to class, to the store, to the beach and more. It is an eco-custom logo bagfriendly option, as most of them are made out of cotton, meaning they can be used again and again, as well as tossed into the washing machine. 


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These bags are also a smart promotional idea, since any eye-catching design can be added to them… So why not put your brand’s name and logo on display?


A final reason to love these items (at least the ones that will be mentioned here today) is because of where they are made: All the cotton totes below are made in America, meaning they support the U.S. workers, job force and economy.compost bag


To show off your organization/business in a useful, sustainable and American way, consider the bags below:


The Eco Tote with Allover Print can be customized with any amount of colors in any design, making it a stand-out piece. 


The Large Compostable Ragbag is the only tote bag designed to be repurposed as a rag! It is made from plant-based compostable fiber yet is still sturdy and super-absorbent. 


promotional tote bagThe Small Book Tote Bag is great for carrying books, belongings and beyond. Its natural canvas material can be customized in a variety of ways, such as adding color to the handles.


While the Diaper Tote is perfect for expecting parents and hospital giveaways, its large size makes it handy for a variety of audiences and an array of uses. 



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