Made in the USA: Water Bottles Can Beat Import Prices

  • Feb 28, 2013

promotional water bottles made in the USAAustin, Texas: We get calls on a daily basis asking us about water bottles–and most people think that it is cheaper to go overseas.

However, on plastic bottles, they are usually mistaken– as these can be produced in America for less than import prices – and the savings in time and shipping costs cannot be beat.

These American made plastic water bottles can be produced and shipped in a matter of a few short days–helping to avoid logistical problems and saving freight costs.

Take these five plastic 27-oz promotional water bottles. Not only are they made in the United States– they are also made in a Union Shop.

On top of that, they are QCA-rated, meaning that pass the highest ratings for quality assurance, something that anyone giving away something that is put into the body is concerned about.

So, next time someone tells you to look for imported promotional items, think again.

If it is plastic, we can probably beat that price by a long shot–and keep jobs right here in America.

Remember, the American job you save may be your own.

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