Is the Buy US Movement reaching a Tipping Point After The US Olympic Team Uniform Fiasco?

  • Jul 13, 2012

Should Americans be angry that the US Olympic uniforms were made in China?

American Proud? US Olympic Uniforms Not American Made. Hypocritical or Good Business Decision?

Austin, Texas: There has been a lot of press recently on the fact that the US Olympic team’s uniforms were Made in China and not domestically. The debate centers around whether that is an affront to the American people or a shining example of American capitalism.

Doesn’t patriotism mean anything any longer?

Is it legal to outsource American flags, US Olympic team uniforms and US Military equipment and uniforms? Sure.

Does it seem right that many of these goods are made overseas?  Probably not.

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, I am not advocating government mandates to force companies to Buy USA.  That is short-sighted and leads to protectionism, trade wars and tariffs.

I am suggesting that people do what is right–even if it costs them a little bit more.

Ralph Lauren, designer of the Olympic uniforms, is surely not going to be selling their product line at WalMart, so the pennies they saved by outsourcing were not crucial. I am sure they will be adding a significant markup regardless of the savings.

How about positive goodwill they might have earned for going with American factories instead of the negative backlash they are getting on TV?

Why has this news resonated so much with the American people?

Have we reached a Tipping Point, as Malcolm Gladwell alluded to?

Can this be the final straw, where Americans say, “Enough is Enough”?

Can this be our Alamo–our rallying cry?

I hope so!

Americans, take a few moments to look at teh country of origin befor ebuying your next product. Then see if there is a comparable US-made product that can be substituted.

You will be surprised that American products are very comparable in many areas.  Maybe not in electronics, but in most other areas, there are American-made products that cost about the same.

That’s right.  “About the same”.

And isn’t the fact that we are supporting American jobs on workers who will now have money to buy products and services that your company makes worth something?

Isn’t there value to buying American products so that these workers now can pay more in taxes-which will hep improve the nation’s infrastructure, pay for roads and schools, pay down our national debt and support our military?

Let’s speak with our wallets and our purses  and spend money supporting American workers.

Let’s keep Americans working so we can all strive for the American dream.

Buy American — because it really does matter.

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