How Are You Selling Your Buy American Benefits to Your Customers?

  • Oct 15, 2013

Are You Selling the Benefits and Appeal of Buy American to Your Customers…and to Their Customers?

American madeAustin, Texas:  We all want our clients to Buy American from our factories and plants and other facilities.

But how are you marketing that message?

How you communicate “Buy American” makes all the difference in your community – and to your customers and to their customers. How active will you be in getting that message across clearly to  the public?

Are you counting on your customers to clearly understand the logistics benefits of a local or nearby vendor? Don’t count on it.

Do you think your customers think logically and understand the benefits to the community for buying American? Don’t count on it.

Are you giving speeches to your local Chambers of Commerce and other organizations on the benefits of Made in the USA manufacturing — or are you expecting your customers to “just get it”?  They won’t

Are you teaming up with other factories and producers in town to get the message across in a unified front and voice?  Why not?

Is your social media working around the clock to describe the benefits of Buying American – and sharing case studies, interviews with employees and their families, and other feel-good stories? Why not?

It is up to every American factory, American plant and American foundry, union, etc -to keep extolling the benefits of American made goods.

Don’t expect the public to be thinking about your business.

It is your job to share, to educate and to make aware of the benefits of Buying American.

What do you plan to do about it?

Remember, the American job you save may be your own.

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