How Are You Promoting Your Made in America Advantages?

  • Jun 9, 2014

Made in America: Are You Explaining the Benefits to Your Clients and Prospects

the benefits of made in AmericaAustin, Texas: Many of us that sell Made in America products assume that everyone will appreciate it and understand its benefits.

Unfortunately, it does not work out that way.

I know first-hand how I must constantly educate my clients as to the virtues of our Made in Americas promotional products at…as I compete with less expensive imports that they find online at competitors’ websites.

We have all heard this line:  ” We’d love to buy your Made in America product, but we are importing something very similar at half the price!” – -0r a story very similar to that one.

Maybe that person does not understand the higher quality of the item.

Or the fact that your turnaround time is days rather than 3-4 months on the water.

Or that you can custom make to fit their individual needs.

Or that your product has passed important quality and/or safety certifications that an imported product cannot certify.

Or that you are hiring American workers that demand a fair pay–and you are happy to keep them employed.

Or that your company hires veterans.

Or that you are a Union shop.

Don’t assume that your clients and prospects know the benefits of Made in America.

Consistently explain why your products are the best fit for them– not necessarily the cheapest fit.

Help them understand how your American -produced products can save them time and money in the long run.




Don’t assume they know or can figure it out for themselves.

Help them understand why your products may cost a little bit more money – but are worth it.

An educated customer will be your best customer.

And thank you for supporting American jobs.

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