Buying American Made Products Just Because It's the Right Thing to Do

  • Jul 2, 2012

Don't mandate buying US-made products--educate and encourage it instead

People should buy American made products because it is the right thing to do from a moral standpoint, not because it is mandated by law.

Austin, Texas: Whenever the discussion comes to buying US-made products, the word “protectionism” always seems to follow.

Forcing or mandating people to buy goods or services made in the United States is wrong — and only encourages tariffs and trade retaliation from other countries, causing irreparable damage to various economies.

Instead, the conversation should be on why it is important to support American jobs by buying more American-made products.

Once people understand the correlation of money flow and how a dollar spent on one single American-made product flows to another company which then flows to another, more people will “get it”

We should try to buy American made products because it keeps our neighbors employed, helps to pay local, state and federal taxes, which then flows back to our teachers, firefighters and military.

This circle should be discussed in classrooms, at Lions Club and Rotary meetings, bridge clubs and golf clubs, etc.

We do not need government intervention to force us to support American businesses.

We do need more education and common sense.

Support American businesses- because the job you save may be your own!

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