Are You Willing To Pay More for American-Made Products?

  • Jul 19, 2012

are-you-willing-to-pay-more-for items-made-in-the-usa

How much more are you willing to pay for American made merchandise?

Austin, Texas: There is a great deal of talk in the press during the election campaign season about bringing jobs back to the United States.

Both political parties claim to be “Pro-American Business”.

Most politicians go on the TV news circuit blaming the other side for exporting jobs overseas and for the trade deficit..

But candidates, political parties and other public officials cannot make you purchase American-made products.

Only you can do that.

Are you willing to pay extra for American-made jobs?

If so, how much more?

And, are you going to buy US-made products when nobody else is watching you?

I have this discussion nearly every day with my clients. Sure, they can purchase most promotional products for less if they go with a Chinese-made item–whether it be a tote bag, water bottle, pen or key chain with their logo.

But still, many of my clients are willing to pay a little bit extra for these logo items.

Here are the top reasons why companies purchase products that are Made in America:

  • faster turnaround time
  • more tightly regulated adherence to CPSIA and other regulations
  • better quality control
  • less shipping costs
  • their organization requires a certain percentage of goods be made in America
  • it would look odd to have a Made in China label on their product (think US flags and flag products and also US Olympic uniforms)
  • they are a union company and must buy union-made items

The only way that US manufacturing will improve is if people make a conscious effort to buy American.

Are you willing to make the effort?

As a famous rabbi once asked, If not you, then who? If not now, then when?