American-Made Promo Products & Strategies Perfect For Spring/Summer 2022

  • May 3, 2022

The weather is warming up, and some major holidays are coming up in the U.S.A. Get in on the fun by offering up these promotional gifts, all made in America.


Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day are coming up, and each of these holidays are celebrated by bringing people together for some good food and some good fun. Your brand can get in on it all by offering up custom products that are utilized during these times and beyond.


custom water bottle made in americaIDEA NUMBER ONE: Whether people are enjoying the holidays on the lake or spending the day in the backyard, hydration is key. That is one of the reasons why reusable water bottles make for the best swag. They are super handy and can be passed out at events, included as freebies in orders, or made available for in-person purchase.


IDEA NUMBER TWO: Speaking of hydrating, koozies are a must at any and all parties! Imagine all the bottles and cans, all with your name, colors, and logo proudly displayed. Due to the small size and affordable price of these items, they can easily be included in swag bags at various events.


IDEA NUMBER THREE: Food is an integral part of American celebrations, so consider grilling tools/other utensils, which can include custom-made in the usa custom capprinted designs. These larger and more luxurious options are great for employee welcome kits, client appreciation gifts, and raffles.


IDEA NUMBER FOUR: Another wise way to safely have fun in the sun is by wearing a high-quality and logo-imprinted cap. Try having a social media contest centered around Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, or Labor Day, and have your caps be the final reward!


imprinted and usa made pet bowlsIDEA NUMBER FIVE: Don’t forget about the furry friends … Pets are usually part of these big days, as well, meaning pet products make for wonderful freebies. In particular, collapsible bowls can make sure a dog gets food and water throughout the day, all while the fun continues and all while your brand is, once again, shown off. 


Each of these ideas are centered around made-in-the-U.S. products that can help boost your company or organization. Find more options here, and have a safe and happy spring/summer season!

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