Add To Your Political Campaign With Imprinted Items

  • Apr 29, 2019

Whether someone is running for a spot in student council, mayor of their city, to sit in Congress or to be the president of the United States, a political campaign is vital. The messages that are put out, the platforms that draw people in and the ways that these are displayed can all make or break it all.


An affordable and effective way to get your messages, platforms, displays, logos, stances and details out there is through promotional products.


The ROI value alone here makes fun pieces of swag worth it, due to the high visibility of items that can be passed out, stuck in yards or on cars and given to donors. To elaborate, you can turn to small trinkets like buttons and pins when you are surrounded by the masses (People love stuff like this!), but you can also use nicer imprinted gifts when buying for hosts and benefactors.


It gets better, though: Since you are running for student council, mayor, Congress or the presidential position, you should definitely consider promo items that are made in the USA. All of the ones on this list are, and there are even union-made options, which could be important to some of your platforms. Your audience will enjoy getting a gift from you, but they will love that you are supporting the American workforce even more.


To truly stand out against opponents, turn to imprinted items, which are made in America, like the five below. You and your team can wear them proudly, they can be handed out to supporters at events and friends and family members will love backing you by using these products!



Shirts are a go-to item when it comes to bringing people together and showing off a shared passion. Your name, your logo and/or the year can be printed on shirts, as a way to spread awareness about your campaign.

Bumper Stickers

Think of all the cars that are out there. Think of all the times we are stuck behind other vehicles at red lights, in traffic jams and at stop signs. One of the best ways to gain exposure is with bumper stickers, so hand these out to anyone and everyone!

Yard Signs

Similarly, yard signs allow a. people to show who they support and b. everyone who is driving/walking by to see your name, possibly be interested and maybe even go on to vote for you.

Campaign Buttons

Buttons are an age-old part of political campaigns, and seeing an entire group wearing these simple yet effective accessories is too good to pass up!


There are numerous promotional items at that can be imprinted with your info. The last suggestion on this list, though, is a planner. First off, these branded calendars will keep your team organized. But these will also be great to give away - and you can even mark upcoming election days in it, so people know where to go and when!

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