5 Reasons To Buy American-Made Products & 10 Of The Top Items

  • Dec 13, 2018

When it comes to advertising, swag is the way to go - especially when it’s made in the USA!


Eighty-nine percent of consumers have received a promotional product in the past six months, and they consider these items to be the most welcomed form of advertising. That means that handing out swag is a win-win situation, as fans and followers get tees, pens, speakers and other useful gadgets, and your brand gets advertising and attention.


When it comes to purchasing these promo products, there are numerous store and sites, but keep this in mind: Buying from the United States makes this a win-win-WIN situation. Keep reading to learn the five biggest reasons why businesses should go with swag made right here in the U.S. of A.


When you buy American-made products, you…


-Support jobs in the U.S. Obviously, one of the main reasons to buy products here is because it supports the economy. When domestic production replaces imports, manufacturing employment is increased by 3-4 million jobs. This gives more hard-working Americans the opportunity to be productive and make a living, and it leads to quality swag for your company!


-Have more control. When dealing with an overseas company, it can be hard to know exactly what you are getting. Clear communication and more customization are just a few of the benefits that go along with purchasing American-made items.


-Get products faster. Similarly, since these items do not have to ship overseas, you get your promo products faster, which is always a good thing!


-Don’t have to worry about tariffs. And, on the note of shipping, you won’t have to pay tariffs, since they are only enacted on imported goods.


-Have more options. Going back to choices and customization, we want to remind you that when you are working with a U.S.-based company, you will have options: You will have more options regarding the products you are browsing through and buying (such as colors, imprinting and sizes), and you will have more options when it comes to contacting the supplier, as you will be able to email or call someone who could just be across the country or down the street!


As you can see, there are numerous benefits from buying your promotional products in America, so turn to BuyUSPromos.com for items like the following 10:

Grocery Shopper Bag

Water Sports Bottle

All-American Tee

First Aid Kit

Laser-Engraved Plaque

Retractable Lanyard

Magnet Memo Clip

Custom-Labeled Water

License Plate Frame

Custom Bumper Sticker


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