Voter Merch: Make A Political (& Fashionable) Statement

  • Oct 1, 2020

This year, people are spreading the importance of voting with fashion items, and brands can get in on the trend with these five promo products. 


With an election coming up, voting-related garments and accessories have been popping up. From T-shirts, caps, face masks and pieces of jewelry that say to “VOTE” to clothing items that help raise money for political organizations or have QR codes that lead to voter registration sites, it is currently stylish to promote this civic duty through fashion. 


For years, support in politics has been put on display through iconic products like yard signs, bumper stickers and campaign buttons. Now, though, it can be shown off in a trendy way, as people back certain candidates, spread the importance of casting a vote and give/get new clothes.


This year, brands can join in by offering up their own voter merch, and there are five suggestions down below.


A brand called Freedom created a vote tote, with a QR code that leads to and with five percent of proceeds being donated to Design your own custom tote bag, which can be handed out at events, included with online purchases, given away through social media or sold. 

Athleisure allows people to look put together yet comfortable, and it has been all the rage during the coronavirus pandemic. In order to promote voting this year, spread your message with products like tank tops, joggers and polos made with spandex.


Tons of companies and associations have started offering up face masks and face shields in 2020, due to COVID-19, and this is another way to encourage the public to vote. These help fight the spread of germs, are made in the U.S.A. and can be customized with certain words, logos and colors. 


Caps are like walking billboards, boasting sports teams, businesses and even political statements. Employees, fans and clients will appreciate receiving one of these. 

Shirts are a go-to promotional product, as they can be dressed up or down, worn by one and all and included in a variety of campaigns. So one final consideration this year is for brands to remind everyone to vote through branded tees



Remember that all of these item ideas are made in America, making them even more appealing and effective. Remember that everyone has a responsibility to help spread this important message. And remember to vote!

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