Top 10 Made-In-The-USA Trade Show Products

  • Jan 18, 2023

Stand out with U.S.-made promo products!


No matter your industry, size, location, budget, or goals, promotional products can help you build a solid brand. That can be taken further with american-made custom keychainAmerican-made promo products, which – while boosting your business/organization – boost the country’s economy and provide more jobs for those in the U.S.


Gifts that are branded with your name and logo allow you to advertise in a unique way, announce your opening or new product(s)/service(s), celebrate an accomplishment, and stand out at industry events.


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In particular, trade show attendees can be drawn to your booth with custom-printed items like the following.


At any event, pens and notepads are going to go over well. It’s nice to have a set of these in a bag, at home, on a desk, and while taking notes made in usa branded bath bombat a conference.


Some popular trade show swag includes koozies and keychains, which are small and affordable (making them easy to transport and acquire) and which act as walking billboards for your brand.


The self-care space is on the rise, so cater to that need through imprinted gifts such as bath bombs and candles. Not only does this promote your brand, but it also promotes wellness. On a similar note, first aid kits add an extra level of protection, keeping health and safety top of mind.


A go-to choice, always, is a branded T-shirt. Tees show off your name, colors, logo, motto, and tagline in a stylish way and will be seen over and over and over again.


imprinted candle made in u.s.Those who attend trade shows stay busy, going to panels, exhibitions, discussions, and parties. Everyone who stops by your booth will be relieved to receive some snacks (that just happen to display your logo AND be made in the U.S.A.). 


Finally, participants need a way to carry all of these goodies and the rest of their belongings. That being said, add tote bags to your shopping list before heading out to market yourself at an event.


These suggestions are sure to bring you trade show success, and you can find over 500,000 more made-in-America branded products while browsing!


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