Political Ad Spend To Reach $9.9B

  • Aug 1, 2019

Candidates will continue to turn to promotional swag, in order to boost their campaigns. 


In 2020, the next presidential election will occur, and the latest advertising forecast shows that political ad spend will reach $9.9 billion at this time. Elected officials utilize a number of advertising strategies, in order to brand themselves and spread awareness about their campaigns.


“Many candidates, whether they are up for a city council seat, mayor or even county dog catcher, turn to promotional items when running,” says Robert Piller, principal of BuyUSPromos.com. “From coffee mugs and caps to shirts and stickers, these can all be printed with names, slogans and other appealing information.”


Right now, it is common to see Trump supporters wear MAGA caps, and already, the phrase “Keep America Great” has been seen on T-shirts and other pieces of swag, giving his fans even more opportunities to buy his merchandise and back his views. 


Similarly, candidates can turn to hats, shirts, magnets and bumper stickers like the following from Buy US Promos, in order to build up their campaigns even further; American-made campaign swag is truly the way to differentiate yourself from the rest. 


The Bayside Brushed Twill Structured Sandwich Cap, for instance, is a classic choice that is made in the USA from 100% cotton. It comes in a variety of colors and can be personalized with embroidery designs.

Political Ad Spend

These T-shirts with full-color images are American-made and union-made, making for a smart way to show off a name, an election date and pride in general. 

Political T-Shirt

This made-in-the-USA 2" Magnet Memo Clip will be handy for fans to use at home or in the office, allowing tons of eyes to land on an elected official’s name/message.

Political Promo Product

And the Round Vinyl Bumper Sticker, which is easy to remove and reposition, features “Outdoor Durable" screen inks. 



These are just a few of the ideas that will become part of the nearly $10B that is spent on political advertising next year. For more ideas, visit BuyUSPromos.com.

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