5 Reasons To Use Made-In-America Promo Products To Boost Your Brand

  • Aug 30, 2022

From supporting the workforce to getting your order quickly, these are the top five reasons to use U.S.A.-made gear to promote your business, organization, and/or event.


Promotional products can take your event, promotion, and/or campaign to the next level. They serve as useful and thoughtful gifts for employees, fans, clients, followers, peers, customers, reporters, and trade show attendees…gifts that serve as advertisements for your products/services. 


You may be thinking about which reusable water bottles to hand out at a conference which computer backpacks to give away on social media, or which awards to incorporate into an employee wellness challenge. When searching, remember to consider American-made logo gear. 


When you opt for made-in-the-U.S. promo products, you are…


ONE - supporting the country’s economy and workforce. With a financial crisis, a pandemic, and a workforce shortage, the unemployment rate has seen quite a few changes in the past decade or so. Recently, though, employment has been increasing and should continue to do so, with about 158 million people employed in the United States. 


TWO - avoiding hazardous work environments. Purchasing products from overseas is common and can come with its own benefits. However, many international workplaces have unsafe conditions and unethical policies, such as child labor.


THREE - getting shorter delivery times, as well as a more sustainable option. Items tend to get delivered to you more quickly if they are ordered from your own nation, state, or city. And then, since the transport time is shorter, the carbon footprint of the delivery is smaller, too.


FOUR - increasing your chances of having flexibility and creativity. When you work with someone who is just across the country or down the street, you tend to develop a more personal relationship. This can result in exceptional customer service and more control over the quality and the order, in general.   


FIVE - giving your audience what they want. According to a survey from The Reshoring Institute, around 70% of Americans prefer U.S.-made products.


With more than 500,000 made-in-America branded gifts, Buy US Promos helps YOU…

*support our country’s employees and their safe, fair places of work

*get just what you need, for the price you want, and fast

*promote your brand to your target audience with high-quality swag that’s actually wanted and used

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